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Our Chelsea Flower Show brochure packet takes a lot of work to put together every year. When we are done with the design, we want it to be a package that shows our pride in our English Garden tours, and give our potential clients a feel for what kind of quality, care, planning and treatment they can expect if they decide to join us on a trip. We always receive a lot of nice comments on the packet, which is great feedback to get! 

A few years ago I almost gave my Dentist a heart-attack. He asked why I'd waited so long to schedule my appointment, and hadn't I received the helpful reminder postcard his office sent out? I said "I think I saw something from you guys but I just threw it in the trash without reading it." He said "Do you know how long it took us to pick out that postcard? We argued about it for 3 hours!"

We at HTT also want to avoid the "I think I saw it, but I might have thrown it in the trash without reading it" comments that are endemic of any marketing by mail campaign (even though we are only sending brochures to people who have requested them!) So like Dr. Mark DDS, we put a lot of effort into creating a package that you might just possibly want to open (unfortunately I can't figure out a cost effective way to include a mini bag of M&Ms with every brochure we send out).

Elements of the Chelsea Brochure Packet

PictureEmail mockup to our designer.
We have a few different elements to the Chelsea packet. 

We have an outer "shell" that outlines the highlights of the Chelsea in Style tour, gives our explanation of why we think it's the best tour, a brief history of our company, some feedback from past travelers, and some nice pictures. This is an expensive piece to create and print because it has a custom fold, and is printed on the type of paper stock a folder is made from. We try to print a lot of these each time we need them, and reuse them for several years. 

This year we are changing some elements of the "Chelsea Flower Show Tour" shell. The last change we made was about 2 years ago. We don't have anything drastic to change, but wanted to update some of the pictures, and change the color scheme a little. We know that people will request this brochure sometimes 3 or 4 years in a row before they are ready and able to join us - we want to give them something new to look at!

Then, inside the shell we have the individual brochures for each of the three English garden trips we run each spring (Gorgeous Gardens of the Cotswolds, Chelsea Flower Show in Style, Rye English Garden Extension.) Since each of these trips can be taken individually, or dovetailed nicely together, we include all three trips in the packet. 

Finally we include information on our travel insurance product, and our reservation form.

The whole packet arrives in a special envelope that I won't describe here so we can keep some of the magic alive!

25 Years of Chelsea Trips!

This year is a special year for Huron Tours as it is our 25th Chelsea in Style tour. We feel like that is a pretty important milestone. It is hard work year after year to arrange, market, sell, and then lead a tour that people rave about when we send the follow up questionnaire upon returning home (and come on again, and recommend to their friends, and are upset when it is over). There have been lots of companies who have tried to create their own Chelsea trip who are no longer around. And we have several last minute calls each year from people who have picked a different company for whatever reason, only to have the tour cancelled at the last minute. 
What's the best way to relay all these feelings of pride and hard work, quality, care and 25 years of expertise to a stranger with whom you've at most exchanged an email? Why, with a shiny gold sticker of course!

If you've requested a brochure, it is on its way. If you haven't requested one yet, the button below will take you to our "Chelsea in Style" website, where you can request a packet, as well as get other details on this fabulous trip.

Happy Travels!



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