Oktoberfest grounds photo from Deanna Brown
We had a fantastic time in Munich and Amsterdam this year on our Affordable Oktoberfest series of tours.

Pictured left (from left to right) is Kevin, our Oktoberfest grounds guide, Deanna Brown, Katie Kosta and myself, John Kosta.

Behind us, you can see some of the rides that are on the "country fair" portion of Oktoberfest. My favorite ride is the "Cyber Space" which basically flip you upside-down, then launches you at the ground head-first at about 60 miles per hour. If you've ever wanted to see the Munich skyline from an inverted perspective, I can highly recommend this ride! Here's a video, for those so included (not taken by me). I highly recommend you join us next year though, and experience it for yourself. Katie won't even go near it - she prefers the very slow moving, though lovely, giant ferris wheel.

But what about the beer? The beer tents are on the other half of the grounds (Wiesn as the Bavarians call it). I love this picture on the right - that's empty 1 liter beer steins, in a single stein washing area, in a single beer tent. You can click the picture to see it larger. By my rough counting, those rows go back 4 steins deep x 7 rows x 6 shelves x 6 shelving units = 1008 clean beer steins. If I took this in the Hofbräu-Festzelt, which I think I did but may have had a "Mass" (1 "measure" of beer, or a liter, as called by the Bavarians) or two - that would be about 1/6 the steins they would need at any given moment. This is in just one of the tents 14 beer tents. 





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